Current RFPs

Transition Management Services

Respondents should access and complete the Transition Management Services RFP using the InHub platform at the following link. Please note that the release date and the deadline for inquiries are incorrect on the InHub launch page. This is expected to be corrected by Monday, July 19, 2021. The timeline dates are correct as detailed in the RFP.

InHub Link: Verus - The Illinois Police Officers’ Pension Investment Fund Transition Manager | InHub (

Quiet Period (PP-2021-07, Section D.9)

There shall be a quiet period to ensure that the process of selecting an Investment Consultant, Transition Manager, or Investment Adviser is efficient and fair.

  1. The quiet period shall commence with the posting of the RFP and end when the parties have executed an Investment Services agreement.
  2. Initiation, continuation, and conclusion of the quiet period shall be directly communicated to the Board and posted on the IPOPIF website.
  3. During the quiet period, no Board member or Staff member or fiduciary or service provider involved in the search shall accept meals, travel, lodging, entertainment, or any other good or service of value from any candidate.
  4. All authority related to the search process shall be exercised solely by the Board as a whole, and not by individual Board members.
  5. If any Board member or IPOPIF Staff member is contacted by a candidate during the quiet period about a matter relating to the pending selection, the Board member or IPOPIF Staff member shall refer the candidate to the Chief Investment Officer. While the quiet period does not prevent Board approved meetings or communications by Staff with an incumbent Investment Consultant, Transition Manager, or Investment Adviser that is also a candidate, discussion related to the pending selection shall be avoided during those activities.
  6. A candidate may be disqualified from a search process for a willful violation of this Policy.

Current Recruitments

There are no IPOPIF positions currently open.